Universal  Simulator / Laparoscopy Upgrade

The Laparoscopy Trainer is suitable for the basic training of surgeons, urologists and gynaecologists. The torso is in the usual operating position. The skills can be learned from simple dry exercises to laparoscopic procedures on real tissue.
The laparoscopy trainer differs from known systems in, that it simulates the specific surgical situation, but can also train several people, realistically positioned, together. Thus, the work of two surgeons can be optimally trained hand in hand right from the start. Techniques with multiple access can also be implemented. The training device is suitable both for robotic systems and for conventional tasks.

The integrated slide-in compartment makes it easy to exchange the training systems and can be adapted according to learning progress. For the first steps and thus the learning of coordination, orientation and instrument control, exchangeable training models are used, where suturing, threading, handling etc. can be practiced. Building on this, training on organic tissue is then possible. This can be used hygienically in a bowl in the laparoscopy trainer. The trocar accesses can be replaced when soiled.
The integrated lighting system in the laparoscopy trainer ensures sufficient illumination of the training area. If a camera system is required, the SmartPack, consisting of monitor, HD camera, LED light source and recording device, represents the ideal solution for your training success.

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