Universal Simulator / Urology Upgrade

The INVIDIA Universal Trainer with Urology Upgrade is suitable for learning and training all common bipolar resection methods such as:

bipolar electroresection
side-fiber laser vaporization
bare-fiber laser vaporization

The concept of the realistic resection trainer with SURGERY in the CAN - Technology focuses on four objectives:
- Learning how to use a resectoscope and                        assessing/evaluating the field of vision 
  by using real instruments
- Learning and training the resection technique
- Learning and optimization of method-dependent            instrument flushing
- Learning and training of special anatomical resection      techniques

The resection trainers can be used in combination with all common resectoscopes. A special feature is the unique training substrates offered by INVIDIA. This training substrates guarantee a realistic resection with only little difference to the resection in the patient.

Application example of the resection trainer:

SURGERY in the CAN - Technology

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